La Roche Jagu






The Park of La Roche Jagu is an outstanding work of contemporary landscaping art, inspired by the Middle Ages. It combines lush "Tregor" vegetation and creative landscaping. Visitors are entering an imaginary world of tales and legends.

Perched above the Trieux, the medieval Château de la Roche Jagu overlooks the valley, its garden gently sloping down to the river. Harmoniously blending built and planted features, the Domaine de la Roche Jagu is an inspirational and enchanting place to visit, a superb setting for tours, cultural events and nature-based activities.

The château is the last remaining in a chain of fortifications between Bréhat and Pontrieux, built from the 11th century onwards when river trade and agricultural land clearance developed. The architecture of the manor house, rebuilt in the 15th century, serves both defensive and domestic purposes. Listed as a historic building in 1930, La Roche Jagu is owned by the Conseil Général des Côtes d'Armor since 1958.

The verdant park was created after the original woodland was devastated by storms in 1987. Gardens of yesterday and today tempt and delight all the senses. Water is an omnipresent element. Edible and medicinal plants, a wide variety of exotic species and other garden features form a superb attraction. 1281 characters.